Welcome publisher! Established in 2004, FluxAds continues to grow and evolve as does the internet marketing world. It’s not just a clearinghouse for a variety of interchangeable offers, but a place where carefully selected offers and proven publishers meet to help each other succeed.

Supported Traffic Types

Overview Don’t just read about us. Join us.

Become a Flux Advertising affiliate partner today and your company will have access to the net’s TOP PERFORMING CPA campaigns, HIGHEST PAYOUTS and largest affiliate BONUSES around! To learn how you can begin earning more money each month with your website traffic, email database, search engine campaigns or media buying efforts, join now.

Is FluxAds right for you? Of course!

Do you have fantastic content? Do you get millions of page views? Do you have an effective solo-mailing database? Do you have the ability to serve pop-up ads? Do you understand PPC advertising on Google and other search engines? If the answer is “yes” to any of these then you CAN convert that into more revenue! Flux Advertising can provide you with the best offers online so that not a single impression, email, pop, or pay-per-click action is wasted. Join today free of charge and get ready for a level of personal service and effective offers that will revolutionize the affiliate marketing landscape by providing you the flexible choices you need to maximize your inventory – whatever it is.

Don’t Waste Your Inventory

Your company’s inventory is your livelihood. We understand this! It’s too bad that the majority of affiliate networks don’t. Many affiliate networks throw every single offer at you that they can. This is not only a waste of your time, but a waste of your inventory. You will see right away that the “FLUX EXPERIENCE” is your opportunity to partner with an affiliate team that will match specific offers with your audience so that every single impression you serve, every single email you send, and every single click on your PPC campaigns will have the best chance of generating a positive ROI!

The Flux Affiliate Experience

As a Flux Advertising affiliate you will have access to the net’s top performing offers and most competitive payouts. Best of all, you will be assigned a Flux Account Manager that will sit down with you and learn everything about your company’s online reach, audience, and inventory so that they can guide you to the promotions and offers that will be the best fit for you.

Email Marketing

Flux Advertising is a TOP affiliate network for email marketers that are 100% Can Spam compliant. We specialize in email submits, biz opp lead campaigns, software offers, Internet Dating Sites, and anything else that is HOT at the time!

What email marketers can expect:

Let us know what type of campaign you have the greatest success with, and if we don’t have them, we’ll get them for you!

PPC/Search Marketing

FluxAds is a popular choice for PPC/Search engine marketers. We strive to constantly ensure our PPC marketers have several quality campaigns that have been proven converters through ppc efforts.

With our real time tracking and ability to place your own custom tracking pixel on most offers, you can monitor your campaign performance live for easy optimization.

Have a campaign in mind but can’t find it anywhere? Let us know and we will create it for you. FluxAds has exclusive partnerships in place with several merchants, allowing us the freedom to create any custom email submit campaign desired.


Flux Advertising has partnered with several contextual ad networks to allow for immediate access and acceptance into their platforms, simply for being a FluxAds affiliate. In addition, we are able to offer free traffic bonuses to most contextual ad networks to allow for you to test our offers with no risk to you. Our in house media-buying team will be able to provide you with a daily updated list of all offers they are seeing perform well through CPV/contextual traffic, to ensure you are not wasting any time or money trying to find offers to work for you.

Social Media Marketing

Many, if not most, of our offers are set up to accept traffic from valid social media marketing efforts. If you have a large social media reach, we have the perfect offers for you. Social media outlets (Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.) are powerful and limitless traffic sources. Captialize on them with our proven, high converting offers.

Banner/Display Marketing

Do you have banner ad spots on your website or blog that you are looking to monetize? We have over 20,000 custom banners for hundreds of high converting offers in just about every ad size imagined. And if we do not have a banner that fits your needs for a specific offer, our in-house creative team can build out any custom size and/or worded banner to best fit your ad space.

In addition, our banners meet requirements for most display networks out there in which you can purchase display/banner advertising. Our attention grabbing banners have proven to convert with all targeted banner traffic.

Incentive Traffic

Flux Advertising has partnered with multiple advertisers desiring incentive leads. We have many short form offers that pay well that are open to all incentive traffic. Use our offers to fulfil your incentive offer needs.

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